About Us

My passion for photography started in London back in 1984 working as a press photographer, and has since been a career that has taken me all over the world photographing celebrities, high- profile businesses and even members of the Royal Family. This eventually led me to working on 5 star international cruise ships which is where I met my lovely wife Michelle in 1992, who was working as an onboard makeup advisor at the time.

After many years of marriage we combined our love of photography and beauty into a business we could enjoy together. Starting in 2002 with wedding photography, we opened our first high-street studio in 2007 where we specialised in family and maternity portraits. In 2011 we discovered a big gap in the industry for glamorous vintage photo shoots and moved our business to Hampshire into a new purpose built studio where there was a clear demand for military themed pinup photos.

As the business grew, so did our portfolio of shoots. We now offer a variety of 1950s inspired scenes and props ranging from American diners and classic Hollywood Portraits to cheeky pinups and sophisticated boudoir. In the last 12 years we have proudly photographed over 4000 ladies, becoming the south coast’s leading pinup photo studio.

Clive Hamilton

– Photographer

I’ve always been fascinated with photography since picking up my first film camera when I was growing up in London as a teenager, which I still own to this day. I started my career developing monochrome film in the darkroom for press (the days before digital!) I’ve watched photography evolve over the years with new technology and programs that make everyone a professional. However, I still find something special about the old-fashioned way of portraits which brings out people’s real beauty. I like to use strategic posing and lighting to capture the best in every woman without the need of modern filters and effects. It’s always a joy being able to give people the confidence boosts they deserve when they see their photos.

Michelle Hamilton

– Make-up Artist

Having trained as a makeup artist in Harrods with the Estee Lauder group back in 1986, I have since worked in a variety of prestigious department stores throughout the UK and America. I got the travel bug and embarked on a 6 year career working on cruise ships where I met Clive. After having our 2 lovely children I went back to college and qualified as a beauty therapist. One of my favourite parts of our business has to be the opportunity I get to chat with so many interesting ladies everyday. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than the look on their faces when they see their signature 1950s makeover.